Procedure for Admission


Cradle to Crayon School operates a payment policy in order to maintain the standards of the school by engaging qualified practitioners and providing a safe and stimulating learning environment for all pupils. We believe that our fees are very competitive and represent excellent value for your money.

  1. Fees are due on the first day of each term.
  2. No part of the school fees may be prorated.
  3. Fees paid after the second week of resumption will attract a 10% surcharge on tuition only. By the end of the third week, however, children whose fees have not been fully paid will no longer be allowed into school and fees will then attract a 20% surcharge thereafter.
  4. Attendance for any part of a term will require a full term’s fee.
  5. Non-attendance in a term will require 75% of tuition for that term in order to secure the space for the following term/year. Where 75% of tuition is not paid before departure, the space is automatically re-offered to the waitlist.
  6. The school does not make refunds. However, funds may be transferred between items for same child or siblings.
  7. Parents must present bank payment slips at the school and obtain a receipt for fees paid before the school can acknowledge payment.
  8. Cash payments are not allowed in the school except when specifically stated and clarifications must be made with the Administrator.
  9. Whole year payments made before end of June for the following year attract a 5% discount on tuition only.
  10. Though the school strives to deduct all other miscellaneous bills from the Incidental Deposits, rare cases may arise where payments are required during the term. In all such circumstances, parents will be given as much notice as possible.
  11. Admission offered to a third or fourth sibling in a family attracts a 5% discount on tuition only.
  12. Credit balances on Incidental Deposits will only be available if a child is withdrawn or at the end of schooling at Cradle to Crayon School. Incidental Deposits are only refundable where notice of withdrawal is given either before the end of a session or at least one month before a child is withdrawn from school.
  13. At the end of each session and in order that the school plans for returning pupils, parents are requested to pay 50% of tuition for the first term by the end of July of that year. Parents who do not pay or inform the school of their intending return may forfeit the space to new pupils.
  14. At the end of each session, bills are sent home a week before school closes. Where a parent does not get a bill at this time, please notify the class teacher immediately or call 07035954101.
  15. The school reserves the right to review fees without prior consultation with parents.