Our Team

Our Team

We recognise that the key to your child’s success lies strongly in the quality of our teachers. That is why we carefully select experienced, compassionate and highly qualified professionals to care for and teach your child.

Our teachers are here because educating young children is much more than a job to them-it’s their passion. Their joy stems from providing children with “special moments” that captivate their desire to learn. We are proud of our teachers’ commitment to early childhood education, and most importantly, to your child.

At Cradle To Crayon, each child is assigned a key worker. The purpose of this is to ensure that all children receive consistent and continual care in all aspects of their development. It also helps the children to feel safe and secure.

The key worker’s role is to ensure a smooth and positive settling-in process for aall children. They will also ensure that the health and well-being of the child is considered with great importance and that individual caring and development needs are met. They also liaise with parents to keep them wel-informed of all aspects of their child’s care and development.


We maintain a high ratio of adults to children withi.n the school. This helps to:

  • Work with each child according to his/her ability;
  • Talk with and teach the children through their interest and various activities;
  • Motivate children and monitor their learning for accurate assessment; and
  • Give children opportunity to explore and be adventurous in the safety of the school environment