About Us

Welcome Note

Welcome to Cradle to Crayon School!

At our school, we aim to provide a safe, stimulating and fun environment in which your child will fulfil their learning potential by participating in activities covering all seven areas of the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum for children under 5.

We pride ourselves that all our staff receive on-going training in the delivery of the curriculum, and are committed to the principals of learning through play and interaction with peers and adults. “Play underpins all development and learning for young children. Most children play spontaneously…” and it is through play that they develop intellectually, creatively, physically, socially and emotionally. At C2C, our curriculum reflects this need to play and to have practical experience of skills, in order to form a solid foundation on which to build. Our staff is trained in providing both child-initiated and adult-led activities and we recognise that children need to have a wide range of play experiences in order to solve problems, communicate with others and make sense of their world.

We recognise that all children are individuals, and we will be responsive to your child’s needs in order for him/her to fulfil his/her potential.

We also recognise that we are working in partnership with you, the parents, and consider this partnership paramount to your child’s development and learning. For this reason, we encourage all parents to come into school to help if they can, and we operate a parents’ rota where you can sign up for a session and work alongside your child and his/her teacher… extra pairs of hands are always useful!

We believe that, in working together as partners, we can provide a firm foundation on which to build future academic, social and emotional success for your child.


A website never tells you everything about a school and as parents you need to select carefully before enrolling your child. You are welcome to visit our school as we will not only be glad to show you around but also to tell you all you need to know to help you determine what your child may need at this time. Our mission is to develop and nurture your child to enable them to become life-long learners who exceed your expectations and their own. 

We hope to see you soon. 

Head Teacher

Our Motto

Cradle to Crayon’s motto is ‘… I Can’ 

Our motto is borne out of our belief that nothing is impossible to a set mind. This belief is evident in our staff, who work relentlessly and passionately with each child to help them to achieve their best. Every child is taught to believe in his/her own ability to be the best. 

Every pupil at Cradle to Crayon: 

Is in a safe and stimulating learning environment; is given excellent care and attention, due to the high ratio of adults to children; 

Is motivated to learn at his/her own comfortable pace while being helped to build on previous knowledge and skills; 

Is led to create habits of listening, sharing with others, concentration at work and pride in their achievements; 

Is in a school which sees parents as partners in helping their children to be the best; 

Is in a school in which parents help to shape the service it offers.

Our Mission and Vision


To achieve this aim we will: 

  • Provide high quality care and education for all our children;
  • Coordinate children’s learning using a broad-based, balanced and qualitative Foundation Stage and National Curriculum;
  • Work in partnership with parents to help children to learn and develop optimally;
  • Impact positively on our immediate community through effective links.


To support the development of the whole child – intellectually, emotionally, socially and physically – through dynamic partnership among staff, families, and the greater community.